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Hang On To You


The Magician

Upcoming dates

There are no upcoming dates for now. Stay tuned!

Past dates

May 1 (2016) Live Brussels/Fête de l'Iris
Nov 26 (2015) Expansion party Namur/Decathlon
Oct 30 (2015) Tomorr-Hotland Festival Brussels/Espace St-Julien
Sep 26 (2015) Festival du Titje Enghien
Sep 19 (2015) Fêtes de Wallonie Namur/Place de l'Ange
Sep 12 (2015) Fête à Victor Limal

About us

SeeUsoon is an eclectic Belgian rock band inspired by legendary groups from the ‘90s and ‘00s like Muse, Radiohead, Ghinzu, etc. Their offbeat style, punctuated with unexpected sounds and highlighting the chorus, proved them able to push the borders of the traditional rock quartet.

Now close your eyes
And just listen to the sound you hear

Gaël, Piet and Dim', the musicians, initiated the project. These old friends are moved by the desire to share their universe and to please their audience. Since the foundation of the band in 2011, several singers have succeeded each other at the head of SeeUsoon. Fred’ joined the band in April of 2014, bringing a bewitching spark to its compositions.

Let yourself go into fascination
Don’t be lazy
Don’t believe me
Dream it on
(The Magician)

SeeUsoon perform regularly on stage, taking great pleasure in sharing their universe with its audience, be it during a café concert, a contest, or a festival. In 2014, they won the favours of the Rochefort Sérénades' jury, thanks to their punch and eccentric rock. It brought them to the second place of the contest and gave them the opportunity to perform during the Wallonia Festival.

In 2015, the artists will work with a team made up of passionate people from various fields. They want to strike hard with the release of their new EP: "Once Upon A Time".

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